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400 Elephants More or Less

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas AUGUST. 10, 2020

[4-365] 9th August 2020- I recently rediscovered these tiny toys from my childhood. They are sandalwood boxes with a secret inside. The largest box is 25 mm high, about 1 inch. Inside each box is a tiny red seed about 10 mm across or a 1/4 inch. Each seed is hollow and has a tiny white elephant carving which acts a little like a cork in a wine bottle, which seals a hole in the top.

Reputedly inside each seed are 100 ivory elephants so small you need a magnifying glass to see them. Sadly one sneeze and they are gone, and given I probably tipped them out to count them several hundred times as a child more than fifty years ago and then struggled to put them all safely back, it is not surprising that having just recounted them after all this time the most I found in any one seed was 14. Which is still impressive so long as you are not expecting 100. At some point, I will show you the inside and the elephants. I will have to dig out my macro lens for that though.

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