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Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas OCTOBER. 30, 2020

[86-365] 30th. October 2020- This is my first ever attempt at a Mark-O-Lantern. It was harder than I thought it was going to be, especially doing curves. They are tougher than they look and thicker too.

The weather looks shocking for tomorrow night about 90% chance of torrential rain and high winds, but what's new. I'll put it outside anyway, although no sane person is going to be outside to see it.

Pumpkins are not a traditional British thing, neither is Halloween come to that. It barely got a mention as recently as the 70's, now we have whole aisles full of "non-essential items" all Halloween based. In Wales you are not allowed to buy them.

You're probably dying to point out that the correct name is Jack-O-Lantern, but I have christened my gruesome, ghoulish, grinning pumpkin after the First Minister of Wales. His name is Mark, a professor no less. It is a great likeness and a great honour for him.

Wales is now a police state where this man gets to decide what you are allowed to put in your supermarket trolley. You don't get much scarier than that these days.

Trick or Treat anybody? Sorry treats are off, non-essential, don't you know. Mark is currently thinking about whether he will allow people to celebrate Christmas.

The people of Wales pay Mark £178,000 per year. There are 3.15 million of them. The people of the whole of the UK including those people in Wales, pay the British Prime Minister £158,000 there are 67.8 million of them.

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