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Ballgames, Rain Stopped Play

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas FEBRUARY. 04, 2021

[187-365] 4th. February 2021- My new cheapo lensball arrived yesterday after seeing a couple of posts on here. I'd never heard of a lensball until then, so thanks to those ahead of the game and Photoblog. I didn't splash out too much because I just wanted it to play with.

I don't really know what I am doing but I know I only had about ten minutes to do it in. Heavy showers every few minutes today so I was eager to try it out and had to make a mad dash down to the creek in between bursts. I managed to snatch a few shots without dropping the thing so that's a good start. Thinking about it now, rain running down it might have added to the interest so something to think about.

My first impression, it's fun to play around with but don't do it in a rush. You need time and preferably somewhere with a view that has a wall to place it on. Preferably not a wall like this one where you are standing in the road dodging the traffic.

Hand held is OK but tricky. So I think it is something you plan to do with a particular location in mind. I will probably leave it in the boot of the car so it is out with me when I'm on location. Then if I see somewhere suitable it will be to hand.

I'm mulling over some sort of way of putting it on the tripod. Maybe a large blob of Blu Tack would work, then you wouldn't need a wall.

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