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Barn Timbers

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas SEPTEMBER. 01, 2020

And I didn't even see these until I edited the photo in Affinity. Couldn't believe the detail. I was pointing almost into the sun and the interior was just total black. It was the stone wall I was interested in. But really it was the timber interior that made the shot.

Funny story about the camera too. I bought it in San Francisco about 12 years ago, Canon Power Shot A2000 IS. I think it may have been $300 US. Fantastic little camera and it has followed me around all over the world. Then last year on holiday I dropped it onto a concrete floor and that was it Kaput. I was so disappointed as it was just perfect for travel.

So I decided to Google a modern equivalent as a replacement. After sifting through reviews and search results, the very same camera came up on Ebay, £19.95 including postage. I thought it must be a scam right? But I was prepared to risk less than £20.

It turned up a day later and was absolutely immaculate, better than my old one, not a mark on it. It didn't even look like it had ever been used. Has to be one of the best bargains ever.

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