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Clifton Cathedral Stations of the Cross

Whilst being primarily designed to allow free movement around the periphery of the cathedral, the columned Ambulatory is also home to the fourteen Stations of the Cross. These are episodes from the death (or Passion) of Christ and reflect parts of the via dolorosa in Jerusalem. Special permission had to be sought from the Holy See for the atypical Stations used in the cathedral. Originally intended to be executed in stone (it was thought that these would be damaged by later building work), the Stations were made by William Mitchell using Faircrete (a mixture of concrete, resin & nylon fibres).The artist was asked about what reaction people had to his work: ‘Well the work is a bit hairy I suppose, but then so was the experience of crucifixion.’

Jesus shares the Last Supper with his disciples

Jesus prays in the garden

Jesus is betrayed and arrested

Jesus is disowned by Peter

Jesus is scourged and mocked

Jesus is condemned to death

Jesus falls under his cross

Jesus helped by Simon of Cyrene

Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem

Jesus is nailed to the cross

Jesus speaks to his mother

Jesus forgives the repentant thief

Jesus dies on the cross

Jesus is Risen

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