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Coleus Collage

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas AUGUST. 14, 2020

[9-365] 14th August 2020- I remember these plants, growing up as a child in India. They were very popular and nearly always in pots on verandas and steps outside people's houses. Most flowering plants were always grown in pots as the conditions most of the time were of drought. We lived on college campuses which were staffed by gardeners and the gardeners would spend most of their time watering the pots using grey water collected in a haud or water tank.

These are grown primarily for foliage with huge numbers of different varieties. The plants are better suited to the Indian heat and humidity than they are to England. They are not hardy, but if you put them out after all frost is gone they will grow. This year we are having Indian weather, very hot for us and very humid. So they have suddenly taken off and are looking great, after not really doing much for a couple of months. They will carry on until it gets too cold for them. I thought I would take this opportunity to take some photos now as they are looking very happy at the moment, dreaming of an Indian childhood, many decades ago.

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