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Death of a Building Part 8

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas AUGUST. 11, 2020

Part Eight comprises of shots taken in June 2016. Only two corners of the main library building are left still standing. This is about the time when the empty site started to dominate what was left of the whole. The remaining structures are all on the periphery of the site.The demolition is now working outwards in several directions to the link buildings and service towers and offices.

Please see parts one and two for some background and photos of the building exterior and interior before demolition began.

Demolition started at the end of 2015, I started my project in January 2016 after the first chunk had been removed from the main structure.

I had three main vantage points early in the process. From the portico of the Art Gallery next door. This area was raised up so gave a view over the site above the screens around the site. From a terrace next to the Town Hall, and from the balcony of the Conservatoire, which was also later demolished, but in the early stages continued to be accessible.

As demolition moved to the Conservatoire later a fourth main vantage point opened up on a walkway to the rear which remained open throughout.

From the left, The New Library, Baskerville House, Copthorne Hotel and the remaining North West corner of the library.

These structures at the edge of the site, now visible, were not open to the public and include offices, walkways and utilities. It includes a monolithic concrete service tower.

The black glass block, the Copthorne Hotel, is also to be removed.

To the left of the South West corner is the Conservatoire concert hall and to the right the library theatre.

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