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Ditsum Part 3

This post was originally published back in October 2021 around the time that Photoblog, the host site, was permanently lost from the internet. Despite my careful and regular backing up of my posts this one was lost for some reason. As the writing that accompanied it is lost irretrievably I decided to just post the photos to complete the series without accompanying text. Parts 1 and 2 were saved and I have re-published those.

So just a brief description of this final part of the photo walk. I left part 2 at the harbour on the river Dart so this starts with some harbour views.

Then I retraced my steps taken in part 2 back up to the Red Lion on The Level.

Then I took the route down to Higher Street and into Lower Street, which descends a steep hill in a narrow route between old cottages to a beach on a small creek.

Then I retraced my steps back up to the church where I first started the walk.


This is the view across the Dart to Greenway landing.

I like to photograph things people place in their windows and here is a project that either has not been finished or is just all washed up. There is some lovely detail there on the rigging.

A nice restoration job on an old cottage.

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