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First Mermaids, now Skaters

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas DECEMBER. 29, 2020

[146-365] 29th. December 2020- What am I going to find in the front garden next? I'm not sure how you lose a wheel and don't notice. Mind you, I'm not sure how mermaids lose a purse either. This could prove to be a regular thread, "What I found in my garden today".

I once lost a hub cap on my way home from work. I hit a really deep pothole with a bang, and I couldn't stop so went on a bit further before pulling over. Really annoyed, I discovered my hub cap was missing, I suppose I'm showing my age, it's probably called wheel trim now.

Anyway I turned around and went back and stopped roughly where I had hit the pot hole, found the hole but no sign of my wheel trim anywhere. Now I'm really annoyed.

All that evening I became obsessed with finding it and resolved to have a better look on my way to work the next morning. It's not like it was gold plated or anything, just plastic, but it was my piece of plastic and one of four and my little cars have always been cherished and cared for. I'm the guy who when they get out of their car at the supermarket has some stranger come up and say, "I don't suppose you're thinking of selling that are you?"

The next morning I pull over in the same spot again, only miracles have happened overnight, and now on a sloping grass verge in front of a large house with a long drive that is set well back, sits my wheel trim on full display waiting for me. Some very kind soul, I presume the owner of the house with the long drive has maybe found it rolled up their long drive and thoughtfully placed it where the owner of it, ie. me will spot it.

In a likeminded high tech version of the act of placing a wheel trim on a grass verge, I have placed a photo of this wheel on the local Facebook group page in case some spotty teenager scraping around the streets rather than skating around the streets recognises it and asks for it back.

I had thought to place a picture of the Mermaid's Purse on our local Facebook Page too but it then occurred to me that they probably don't have broadband underwater, so the chances of the mermaid concerned seeing the post was pretty slim.

I now notice that the wheel appears to be signed Max. I have seen a pale grey hooded blur whizz past up the lane quite often, it has no face. At least there is no face visible under the hood, so maybe that is Max. Then again maybe the hooded blur just skates to the Max with appropriate Max wheels. If I open the door later to a grey blur that says "Please can I have my wheel back Mister?" I'll let you know.

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