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Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas SEPTEMBER. 06, 2020

[32-365] 6th September 2020- I went down to the creek tonight as I was running out of light at the end of the day to get my 365 project photo done. Light was going fast but the sky was clear so I thought there may be a chance of a decent sunset.

When I got there, there was an old bike leaning against the bench but nobody in sight. Then I spotted a fisherman standing in the water fly fishing, which I hadn't ever seen at this spot before. Not only that but he was almost in the perfect spot for a great photo, but not quite.

I was sitting on the bench when I spotted him but his head and shoulders were lost in the dark reflection. So I stood up which was better but his head was still lost in the dark reflection. So I stood on the bench but his head was still touching the dark reflection. So there was no other way out, I then climbed precariously on to the wall behind the bench which is the edge of a narrow road over the bridge. I was a bit wobbly but we have to suffer for our art so I tried to forget for a moment how out on a limb I was.

While I was taking photos, three cars slowed and stopped to also take photos. One parked up and a couple walked up and chatted to me while they admired the beautiful sunset. They were really nice and were camping nearby on holiday, had seen me on the wall and stopped to take in the view.

After taking enough photos I remembered where I was on top of this wall and realised I was not quite sure how I was going to get down especially as it had rained earlier, everything was slippery and it was now dark and I couldn't see very much. So the man who had been chatting realising I was a bit wobbly ended up giving me a hand down which was much appreciated.

After they left, the fisherman appeared and it turned out he was only in shorts, no waders so I didn't envy him having been standing in the water. I asked him if the water wasn't a bit cold and he said not at all "if you fell in it wouldn't kill you". He turned out to have been fishing for Grey Mullet but no luck. He lives in the next village so pedalled off on his bike. It seems to be rare that I go down to the creek and don't end up in conversation with someone.

So this was the shot I risked life and limb for. It's actually two shots merged into a panorama by digital magic.

The light changes amazingly quickly at sunset and it got a lot redder before it suddenly faded.

This is the casting of the fly in action. My new camera still amazes me as even in low light with the fisherman about 200 metres away you can still make out the fishing line hanging down loose as he casts.

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1 Comment

John Durham
John Durham
Feb 22, 2022

Worth the risk, I'd say!

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