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Fishing Boat

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas FEBRUARY. 22, 2021

[205-365] 22nd. February 2021- This is one of our favourite walks along the cliffs at Bolberry Down. It is a bit further away than most of our recent walks but we wanted a change of scene and we hadn't been here since the latest lockdown started. The weather though has changed so much in a week that it felt more like a cool summer day today. Only a week ago it was so cold with such a wind chill that we didn't even want to go out at all. The yellow gorse was in flower and there was a lot of bird activity. We couldn't see the birds in the shrubbery but they were chirruping away continuously as they think spring has come early.

It is a 400 feet drop off the edge of this cliff and there is no fence so I wouldn't advise wandering around here at night or in fog. This is about as close as I wanted to get. There is a fishing boat out there if you can find it.

I have had a look at this spot on a map because I wanted to find out what land would be ahead if I travelled in a straight line. I had assumed it would be somewhere in Northern France. To my surprise when I followed a rough line straight ahead from this cliff top you would travel past Northern France and the Brittany peninsula and the next land fall would actually be across the Atlantic to French Guiana in South America, so France, but not the France I had expected.

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