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Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas AUGUST. 30, 2020

[25-365] 30th August 2020- from the Latin Gladius or sword. The same root as Gladiator, the guys with swords. Also called the sword lily.

These were given to me two days ago by a dinner guest. Our first dinner guest since last Christmas day. Who could have predicted then what sort of year 2020 would be.

"Gladdies" were made famous in Britain and Australia by Dame Edna Everage, the outrageous alter ego of comedian Barry Humphries. Do Google some of "her" perfomances if you can. "She" took no prisoners. Gladdies became synonomous with "her" character in performances and the audience would shower the stage with Gladdies.

I once planted some years ago which never appeared, they are corms, so remain buried and out of sight. Then miraculously last year they suddenly appeared and flowered out of nowhere mystifying me as to how they stayed alive under there so long without an appearance. I put it down to the fjug

act they were planted under an overhanging tree which had been chopped down twelve months earlier by my neighbour. Something about that change may have kicked them into action.

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