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Lockdown Walk, Creek Path

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas JANUARY. 10, 2021

[162-365] 10th. January 2021- When not walking in the creek itself, because the tide is coming in, we can walk along the creek path which follows the fields around the edge of the creek, raised up, so the views are quite good.

Today was very foggy first thing but brightened to a hazy but sunny afternoon. We normally go some way along this path and then turn inland and go up hill because there is a point where it gets very boggy even in dry weather as a stream runs across it. It makes crossing in winter difficult so we haven't been along it since the summer.

We are really lucky though because the landowner has at some point since the summer renewed all the access points and done some major work to put the stream through a pipe under the path. New gates have also been added all along the creek so it is now an attractive walk even in winter. As a result we followed it much further than we have before, so in lockdown it is great to have this option added to the routes we can take.

Below, this is the view looking back to the village.

This is the main change to the path and it is now such an attractive route, giving a lovely view across a side branch of the creek, where there is a swan. This would previously have been very difficult to cross. The little yellow arrow is the official footpath sign and all footpaths throughout Britain are, or should be, marked like this, they are always angled to indicate the direction of the path once through the gate. It is the legal requirement of all landowners with paths crossing their land to maintain them and provide proper gates or styles. The paths must not be impeded or the route changed without special approval as these paths are themselves like ancient monuments, being hundreds if not thousands of years old.

There are many examples of modern developments having to be designed around these footpaths, with the path then going through it when completed. I have been on two different paths that cross peoples gardens, one of which went right under their kitchen window.

This is the view now accessible from the path, after we went past on the way out and again on the way back after the tide has risen.

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