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Lockdown Walks from my Door Part 1

This is an early post of mine, recently lost when Photoblog went down. Luckily I had backed everything up, so I plan to restore some of those blogs when I can. This was posted on the 3rd July 2020 and is a collection of photos taken on my daily walks during the first infamous lockdown. March and April. Reading it now it all seems like a bad dream. I have not added anything to it.

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas July 3rd 2020

We are increasingly coming out of lockdown now. At it's peak we were only allowed to leave our homes in emergencies or to buy food or medicine. We were allowed one walk for exercise per day and it had to be from your home. You could not travel somewhere else to walk, even though there are beaches three miles away. Beach access was blocked and car parks closed.

Having only recently moved to the area this meant a lot of new exploration and I was lucky that there were many places to walk and things to photograph while walking. Here is a selection.


I discovered a new App that allows you to track the International Space Station when it passes overhead.

Saturday afternoon on the main road through the village, just after lockdown enacted.

Spring bursting forth.

The Egret in the field near my house.

The swans know it is Spring too.

The cherry blossom already coming down.

No flowers in the window boxes.

Early high tide.

Reeds and the lime kiln.

A meeting of ways and a meeting of wires.

No water sports allowed.

Mid afternoon and not a soul about.

The fields are being prepared above the village.

More early colour.

Curious cows.

It's narrow around here.

Into the sun at sunset.

Going potty now.

Belly button plants. We're all navel gazing these days.


Discovered we have a tenant in the garden.

One of my neighbours is a professional chef. She has started delivering home cooked meals to people in the village. A midweek treat throughout lockdown. This is walnut brittle.

The garden after starting from scratch. I managed to order plants online so they are mostly small. Also a packet of Nasturtium seeds. Look out for these later.

Hedgerows now bursting with colour and variety.

This week Lemon Meringue Pie. Getting creative with Photoshop, I added the local swans. I called it Meringue Wave.

The only open shop in town. No entry, served at the door. Prescriptions only. Everyone more than two meters apart.

Town centre, deserted.

These tiny plants growing on a wall by the creek.

It's quite hilly around here. Some of these walks are steep.

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