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Nearly Highest High

Originally Published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas SEPTEMBER. 18, 2020

It has really been a month of fabulous sunsets. Tomorrow is the highest tide of the year but it will be forty five minutes later than this one so probably dark. I'll see what there is but it probably won't be as good as this one.

We will get three days of high tides so there is also the early morning but it isn't as high in the mornings. If we get some nice light or mist though you never know.

But why is it higher? During equinoxes, the Sun exerts a stronger pull on the Earth than the rest of the year, because of the alignment between the sun and the equator. Consequently, the water surface is strongly attracted by the Sun, which accentuates tides, called “great tides”. It also means the sun is now headed South of the Equator from our perspective.

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