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Nescience Avançado

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas FEBRUARY. 21, 2021

[204-365] 21th. February 2021- Today's plan, find the most boring uninspiring thing in the house and try and create something interesting. I was wondering what was the most uninspiring thing I could find when the doorbell went and there was a packet on the doorstep with a fast moving blur of Amazon man disappearing with a wave down the drive.

I opened the packet to find draught excluder. Gotcha!

Several tweaks and layers later, I am now a whizz on layers in Affinity (almost), and I got to this point. Apparently these days if you say it is art then it is art and also the best art is made when you know when to stop. So I put those two basic premises of contemporary art together, decided this was art and also decided I had better stop. You then have to give it a name, a large word, nobody would normally use, preferably foreign, one that most people will need to look up and also some context, a little reason for being. That all bolsters the lack of actual content and creates an air of mystery.

So I present to you, Nescience Avançado. An image that portrays the essence of humanity (always aim high, the bigger the lie the more believable). It is the spiral of life cut into parts that struggle to stay whole, a struggle without end.

Nescience- lack of knowledge or awareness

This is exactly what is needed to create great contemporary art.

Avançado- Advanced in Portuguese

You have to look it up and bonus point it has a squiggly thing under the c.

So in actual essence what we are looking at is draught excluder presented with an advanced lack of knowledge or awareness. I also think it should be a Limited Edition.

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