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November Spring

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas NOVEMBER. 27, 2020

[114-365] 27th. November 2020- I was out walking past the village hall this morning and spotted these small Narcissi . I was admiring them when it suddenly dawned on me it is still November. I have never in my life seen Spring flowering bulbs in November. I don't really have any explanation, even taking into account the mild weather we have had this month, because this is way out.

In a really mild Winter one might expect to see Narcissi by early February on rare occasions but this is really weird.

If you look up Narcissi in November everything you find is about planting them, not about them flowering. There are some reports of the green leaves appearing above ground but then they lie dormant until flowering season, and that is only if they have been planted in cool weather which has then turned warm. Nothing about flowers in November.

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