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Odds and Sods December 2023

December already seems so long ago now, so the Christmas image bias seems a bit incongruous, but my Odds and Sods are now a tradition on my blog so here we go. This December there is a Milan bias too as my image production had a boost with a trip to Milan at the beginning of the month.

My advice, don't fly in December, don't fly with KLM and never fly through Schiphol airport. This was a three day weekend break that should have involved four short flights, two out and two back. Three were cancelled and replaced with another four which involved us overflying Milan to Rome and then flying back to Milan. All five flights were late. They also lost our luggage just to complete the experience. We spent four days in the same clothes, managing to get our case back due to our own efforts and a lot of luck half an hour before checking it back in for the flights home.

We managed to make it to the concert, which was the main object, after a lot of arguing with KLM, who wanted to deliver us to Milan after curtain up. The sun came out on our eventual single day holiday, which was the other plus. So we are here in the centre of Milan, with the huge Christmas tree half finished and the Christmas market in full swing.

This figure is what we are now to call "Body Positive" and it is one of the figures on the front of a bank. He is presumably, weighing gold while his other hand grasps a money bag very firmly. Why he is at work in such a state of undress is not clear. I think fat bankers were supposed to suggest confidence in the institution. How attitudes change.

A quick way to become body positive. Not exactly flying off the shelves due to the cold weather.

This is a weird one because I cannot for the life of me remember where it was.

A lucky coincidence saw us in Torbay while The Train of Lights was out and about. I had previously researched the best spot to view it, which is this railway cutting which has the bonus effect of reflecting all the colours. It was an eerie sight hissing with steam as it slowly rolled by. These were just stills I managed to cut from a video taken on the phone.

In this one you can just about make out the glow from the firebox.

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, which is Italian for Shopping Mall was fully stocked with the world's finest designer schmutter, and waiters in similar style.

Another outing to help complete my River Avon series. This time to Bigbury Church, which will be my next post. I will explain these photos then.

This is the ornate front door of the cathedral or Duomo in Milan. The faithfull have touched the hand of Jesus until it is polished and glowing in the winter sun.

I have included a few small details of Bigbury church to whet the appetite.

This is the main square in Milan in front of the cathedral.

A stunning view of the Alps on our rebooked and late again KLM flight.

Boxing Day or 26th December, depending on where you are and it has become a tradition to catch pneumonia on the day after Christmas. This scene was at Torcross, Start Bay.

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