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Odds and Sods November 2023

I didn't realise that it was possible for the weather to get worse, when I published my October Odds and Sods, but get worse it did. So November has some broody skies on offer, but I did try to get out with my camera nonetheless.

This first handful of shots are just a small hint of a post to come. It's an amazing story. So amazing in fact that these few shots really are just hints of a much larger picture. I am not showing you the actual house that is my upcoming subject, but just small glimpses which offer some idea of what may be to come.

This lion decorates a triumphal gateway from the front drive into the rear garden. It is about 25 feet up in the air. Who would live in a house like this?

This is a small detail of the stable block which is a circular, glass domed showpiece. Who would live in a house like this?

This is what got thrown away and buried in the undergrowth in the back garden. Who would live in a house like this?

This is just one tiny corner of the vast estate featuring man made grottoes and caves. Who would live in a house like this?

This is one of many larger than life size planters lining the ornate garden walls. Who would live in a house like this?

This is just the old fire escape out of sight at the back of the house. Who would live in a house like this? Well I'm afraid you will have to wait to see the actual house, the scale of which will astound you and the location of which will intrigue further. It is an international tale of huge wealth, industry, derring do, and philanthropy which would make a novel like the Great Gatsby seem tame by comparison.

This is another hint of a post still to come and will feature in my Plymouth Stonehouse series.

I don't just take photos and research all the history I bake living history too. This photo is both a clue and a red herring, and all will be revealed soon.

These ominous looking birds have just set up home at Slapton Ley. Most mornings now there is a row of Cormorants, basking in the sun, drying their wings.

Not the sort of sign you see everyday, but if you do want to meet real elephants then follow Totnes, at least as far as the zoo. A short walk around Paignton revealed some interesting architectural features on some more modest homes.

At the pier everything is immaculate as always and it really is a credit to the owners.

This is one of the down at heel seafront buildings. There is much in the news at the moment about the rebirth of Paignton after many years of decline and I have to say the signs are positive. There is still some work to be done, but schemes are already underway, and some already complete.

This is another hint about a future post and that window surround looks like that for a very specific reason. This is part of a listed building with an unusual historic merit, now under new ownership and about to undergo a multi million pound restoration. I wanted to get some photo records of it before the upgrade.

In the 1930's our local politicians knew what a Lady was, a sign cast in stone declaring the fact would have brooked no opposition at all.

Likewise a Gentleman.

Wandering slightly off route I accidentally found myself crossing a vast empty car park with hundreds of sheltering beach huts stored for the winter.

The hardier variety of beach hut was still out braving the elements at the sea front.

Back at Slapton Ley and the rare sight of the Start Bay Inn with it's hatches battened down.

Further inland at Stokenham and at long last the new Tradesman's Arms is rising from the ashes of the terrible fire of a few years ago.

Here it is now, nearly ready to reopen, and below, how it looked only two years ago.

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Patsy Brown
Patsy Brown
Dec 13, 2023

wonderful! Entertaining and informative as usual :)

Gethin Thomas
Gethin Thomas
Dec 13, 2023
Replying to

Thanks Patsy.

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