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Old Avon Mill Bridge

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas FEBRUARY. 24, 2021

[207-365] 24th. February 2021- This bridge originally served the route between Loddiswell and Kingsbridge to cross the river Avon. There was only one other crossing, a pack horse bridge at Hatch.

In 1765 this bridge at Avon Mill was recorded to be six feet wide. The bridge at Hatch was recorded in 1665 to be six feet and a half wide. Fruit from the Canary Isles and fertilizer from South America were pack-horsed along this route with wool and barley being returned to port.

If you look under the nearest arch on the right it is possible to see the original six feet wide arch under the later widened bridge. Both bridges were widened by three feet when wheeled transport became common this one as recently as 1809. Up until that time all traffic was on horseback.

From a History of Loddiswell by Sue Sweeney

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