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On the Road to Babeny

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas NOVEMBER. 26, 2020

[113-365] 26th. November 2020- Babeny is small, so small it's Wikipedia entry is as follows- "Babeny is a village in Devon, England."

I suppose that's an improvement on no entry. On the plus side for a photographer there is virtually no traffic on the road to Babeny. One cyclist to be precise, not that it is the same cyclist all the time. This means you can pull over just about anywhere you like if there is a great view. The road is a dead end, so is Babeny. I dread to think what happens when it snows up here.

The views will come later in a Dartmoor Photo Drive Series. I just chose two watery shots for my 365 today. Further on is a small stone bridge over Cherry Brook. The water is crystal clear.

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