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Perfect Path on a Goldilocks Day

Originally published by Gethin Thomas on Photoblog. MARCH. 09, 2021

[220-365] 9th. March 2021- We walked a new section of the coast path today from Mill Bay to Gara Rock. It must be twenty years since we last walked it. We decided it was the perfect path on the perfect day.

We are not serious walkers, like those walkers who route march like Marines with an appointment. We are leisure walkers who sit on a bench if someone has been thoughtful enough to provide one on an exposed piece of coastline. It is no mean feat to get a bench here, let alone the tools and materials to implant it in the ground so it would be an insult not to use it. We tried out three different ones where the view required a sit down and a brief contemplate.

It is the perfect path because it offers so much, woods, waves, beaches, rocks, shimmering sea, sailing boats, spring flowers, and birdsong, on a path that rises gradually in stages so that you are never climbing upwards for long before you are levelling off and admiring the view. The views change as you start off inside the estuary at sea level and then follow it out and up to open sea.

It was the perfect day because it was neither hot nor cold, but just Goldilocks right. Bright sunlight dappled through the woods sparkling on the ivy and ferns, and dazzled out in the open, while blinding off the sea. There was the sound of surf on the rocks way below and faint wisps of barbecue drifting up from Sunny Cove where a lone family had set up camp for lunch on the beach enjoying the isolation before the visitors arrive in force in April.

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