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Rock Features, Natural and Man Made

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas MARCH. 11, 2021

[222-365] 11th. March 2021- Today was April Showers come early. I feel my Blog is increasingly becoming a weather report, is that because the British are obsessed about the weather or because photographers are obsessed about the weather? As a British photographer there is probably no hope for me in that case.

Anyway, with things the way they are at the moment you get your fun where you can, so if you suddenly notice the sun has emerged and the beach is three miles away you're out of the house in a trice and off down there, even if you only get about thirty minutes until the next downpour. Which turned out about right. We dashed the last couple of hundred yards back to the car as the sky and sea both went black.

The mysterious cairn builders had been busy again and the one large cairn had become five smaller ones, with this one being the nicest looking one as it was so precariously balanced.

Even though showery, the air was clearer than usual so that the headlands either end of the bay were sharper than they normally look. This is Start Point below with the lighthouse, which is the western arm of the bay.

This headland below is the eastern arm of the bay with the large island being the Mewstone and the smaller one to the left being the Shag Stone. These are normally just an outline at this distance with not much detail.

This was the tallest cairn of the group, with a lot more effort going into the balancing than you perceive at first glance. The dark sky is now approaching and casting it's shadow on what had been a mirror sea.

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