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Scene Though a Skylight

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas MARCH. 11, 2021

[221-365] 10th. March 2021- Rained solidly all day so ran out of options for my 365 shot. Necessity is the mother of invention, so this is it. It is a reflection in the large skylight over the dining table last thing at night.

The blurring is the double layer of glass giving a ghost image together with a fair bit of noise. I did de-noise it but I quite like the softness of what is left. I also did a selective black and white just for a bit of fun.

This is the view a mad axe murderer climbing over the roof would get. I blame the blind company. There is supposed to be a blind on this skylight by now but, Covid............. Usual story. They have been about five times to measure and fit the other blinds so far during the last year, every time there is an easing of lockdown. One was the wrong size, and I mean about half the size it should have been. Two rub the wall when you lift or drop them, one acceptably and one not, they are taking that one away again. When I say one acceptably rubs the wall, I mean I cannot entertain that one being taken down again. One is coming apart because it wasn't finished properly. One went up back to front so it opened the wrong way. That one they swapped over leaving a large hole on the wrong side of the window. That was another filling and painting job for me. The latest is we are getting the roof blind in about three weeks. I am not convinced.

Personally I reckon he is thinking of moving in. With everything else that has happened in the last twelve months the whole saga has become one of our best forms of entertainment, I almost don't want it to stop. Tradespeople are the only people allowed in your home and I quite enjoy the company. On the plus side I still have plenty of filler and paint ready for his next visit.


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