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Scratchy Bottom

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas SEPTEMBER. 26, 2020

[52-365] 26th September 2020- It was only under close up that I found how much texture this seemingly smooth white boat had, where it has acquired many scratches and scrapes on the stony bed of the creek in shallow water.

When I then came up with the title it sounded familiar and I felt sure there was a place in England called Scratchy Bottom. A click later and it was confirmed.

"Scratchy Bottom is a clifftop valley between Durdle Door and Swyre Head in Dorset, England. The name is thought to refer to a rough hollow. Scratchy Bottom has been noted for its unusual place name. The location came second after Shitterton, also in Dorset, in a 2012 poll for "Britain's worst place name" carried out by the genealogy website Find My Past.

Scratchy Bottom was the location for the opening of the 1967 film Far from the Madding Crowd, in a scene in which Gabriel Oak's sheep are driven over a cliff by his sheepdog."

Don't even start me on Britain's rudest street names as that search usually ends up in a lane in Upton upon Severn.

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