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Slapton Line

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas December. 28, 2020

[145-365] 28th. December 2020- I've mentioned The Slapton Line before in posts about Torcross, Slapton Bay or the Slapton Ley but if anyone ever wondered why it is called the Slapton Line then this photo probably answers that question in the best way possible. There it is before your very eyes a distinct line at Slapton Ley.

It is a shingle bar that supports the coast road between Kingsbridge and Dartmouth and is a vital lifeline for all the villages in between, as it carries the only bus route through the area.

It is a very fragile area geographically and the bar with the road are very vulnerable to winter storms. Currently the Ley, which is the fresh water lake separated by the bar from the open sea is flooded and above it's normal height. It has flooded the road at Torcross and passage is wet and you take your chances. There was one unlucky victim there this morning with a car that didn't make it through the ever deepening water. The buses seem to be getting through no problem.

Around the edge of the Ley what would normally be wetland is now very wet land as in under water wet.

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