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Slivers of Silver

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas MARCH. 06, 2021

[217-365] 6th. March 2021- It was quite dark and there was a fair wind chill at the beach this afternoon and the café has reopened just for takeaway.

The sun was trying it's best to make an appearance. Occasional slivers of light broke through the clouds while looking for a weak point in their defences, through which an arrow gleam could slash the sea with silver rips across it's shimmering satin surface. The silver strips sped away out of sight as fast as they arrived around the headland as the clouds and their arrow slit openings headed west dragging their brief dawning of light away with them.

A group of serious cyclists appeared outside the café and dismounted, a riot of synthetic colour on synthetic fabric and a living swirl of sports fashion logos forming a queue in anticipation, relieved to see the lights inside and the open sign. Arriving, self propelled, on two wheels, it probably felt warmer than it really was. For us arriving on four wheels it felt much colder, too cold to eat or drink outside, so we didn't stay long and we didn't join the queue as the wind drove us home to light the fire.

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