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Star Charts and Evolving in Deep Holes

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas JANUARY. 17, 2021

[169-365] 17th. January 2021- This may be a British acronym I'm not sure as it's also a rude expression if you want to get rid of someone irritating. However, this week I seem to be doing a special BOGOF offer on wintery landscapes with moody skies and spidery trees. So it's a "Buy One Get One Free" winter offer. I blame lockdown, as wintery landscapes with moody skies and spidery trees are pretty much mostly what is on my doorstep at the moment.

There are some roadworks starting tomorrow and the fact that I am looking forward to the novelty of roadworks says it all. There may be a photo op there you never know. Of course it will probably be roadworks in a wintery landscape with moody skies and spidery trees but beggars can't be choosers.

At the very least we have a new route to walk along while the road is closed because that is the main road up the hill out of the village and it's very narrow in places and fairly busy traffic wise, so the saner members of society don't normally attempt it. Although we are in a village, I am not aware that we have a village idiot, I suppose if we did have one at some point in the past they probably would have tried walking up the hill without roadworks so that would have been the end of that story. It's an aspect of evolution you can't really argue with.

Either that or the schools suddenly got better.

So tomorrow we will venture along and see what there is to see. There will probably be machinery and at least one big hole. I'll be facing the other way to my normal view too so there will be different spidery trees to look at, but the sky is the same one I usually get, I don't think you get different sides to sky.

Talking about sky, which technically isn't accurate as I was writing about sky, I awoke quite early this morning and discovered it was still as dark as night. Again, technically, if you get up early enough it actually still is night. The sky had cleared during the night though, so when I ventured out onto the landing I discovered we very nearly have our own observatory.

I am not sure why the upstairs corridor of a house is called a landing, as they are not for landing things on. Although they can be long and narrow like a landing strip, most houses have a roof so that really precludes actually landing anything on them.

This reminds me about the scene in the film "The World According to Garp" where Robin Williams is viewing a house with an Estate Agent/Realtor with a view to buying it. While they are looking at the house a small plane crashes into the side of it. The Estate Agent naturally presumes they just lost the sale. Robin Williams character turns to his wife and says...

““We’ll take the house...Honey the chances of another plane hitting this house are astronomical.’s been pre-disastered!””

That's an example of a plane landing on a landing. With a big hole in the house the pilot climbs out of the plane in an upstairs bedroom, and, looking down, says... "Do you mind if I use your phone".

But I digress. Back to this morning and right there on the landing above my head was the large skylight and it was jammed full of the most amazing display of stars. I couldn't help but stand there getting a crooked neck for a minute or two to take in the wonder of it. It was a bit like those star chart posters children have on their bedroom walls, all black with star patterns all over them.

Only, my star chart was glass and my stars were real and there were no name tags printed on it so I didn't know what we humans had named them, and some of them may well have other "people" in other parts of the universe who call them something else, also looking up at them, maybe with necks better suited to looking up, maybe because they live in deep holes so they can only look up, you just never know. It's an aspect of evolution you can't really argue with.

When the weather is warmer, I'm talking heatwave, I definitely plan to experiment with some star gazing with my camera.

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