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Sunset, Moonrise

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas NOVEMBER. 30, 2020

[116-365] 29th. November 2020- I went out earlier as it promised to be a good sunset this evening and also the tide was high, always a good combination. It turned out to also be very calm so there was a good reflection too. While I stood on the bridge watching the effects of colour and cloud change gradually, vehicles crossing the bridge were slowing and stopping in turn to watch the scene.

I heard a car stop on the main road and a woman came walking back with her phone to take a photo. At least three cars stopped on the bridge itself and wound down their windows to take photos. One car had a whole family inside, both windows on the creek side wound down and about five phones all appeared, held by disembodied hands took their requisite shots and up went the windows and off went the car.

The Yodel delivery man, surely on his way home by now, idled past in his Yodel van and drove around the corner. I heard a sliding door and sure enough Yodel man appeared on foot to take some photos. A neighbour appeared with dog in tow and we had a chat and put the world to rights. A friend drove by, leaned out of her window while blocking the bridge and had a chat, also admiring the scene.

As the colour faded as quickly as it had appeared and the darkness suddenly fell , and everyone disappeared just as quickly as they had appeared and silence fell, I did think how lucky I was to live in such a beautiful place. I hope I will never take it for granted.

Later this evening I happened to glance up through the skylight in the dining room only to be met with the full moon looking back down at me. It seemed to be a perfect fit with the sunset shot that I chose.

I found I had to dial down the light setting as the moon is brighter than you realise. But I did manage to steady my hand on a chair and do it free hand. To get the true effect of what I saw I had to merge two photos manually though so as to get some light inside without an overly bright moon. Thus getting some hints of the lunar surface amazingly visible through my roof.

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