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The Library of Birmingham Interiors

This set was taken just after the official opening when everything was brand spanking shiny and new, they still had staff and everything worked. No idea what it is like now. In fact I had intended to take this set of interior shots in September only to find it closed for the official opening ceremony.

These are the interior shots taken in October 2013, and I have also included some views from the roof and the well out front because you had to access the interior to see those. I will do another post of assorted exterior shots taken over a longer period.

The Library of Birmingham is a public library in Birmingham, England. It is situated on the west side of the city centre at Centenary Square. Upon opening on 3 September 2013, it replaced Birmingham Central Library. The library, which is estimated to have cost £188.8 million, is viewed by the Birmingham City Council as a flagship project for the city's redevelopment. It has been described as the largest public library in the United Kingdom, the largest public cultural space in Europe, and the largest regional library in Europe. 2,414,860 visitors came to the library in 2014 making it the 10th most popular visitor attraction in the UK. It is rumoured some of those people either borrowed or read a book during their visit.

This photo is a later photo showing the building site where the 1970's library once stood.

These last two shots reveal the scale of later developments at both the old library site and the Arena Central site opposite the library

In addition here are the works redesigning Centenary Square and the installation of the Midland Metro extension down Broad Street, April 2018, most of which is now complete.

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Unknown member
Aug 23, 2022

#8 from the bottom....what a capture! So many different shapes you were able to capture.

Gethin Thomas
Gethin Thomas
Aug 23, 2022
Replying to

Most people were concentrating on the outside, but I found the interiors and lighting very photogenic.

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