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The Meringue Test

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas FEBRUARY. 07, 2021

[190-365] 7th. February 2021- The Meringue Test is something that seems to be a rite of passage for male TV chefs. Whoever thought making meringues would become an Alpha Male thing. The idea of the Meringue Test in case you don't know is that you whisk up egg whites and add sugar until white and fluffy and apparently you then hold the bowl of meringue upside down over your head to prove how good or bad your meringue making skills are. If you end up looking like a meringue, that's bad.

So that is where I got the title. There seems to be a lensball theme on Photoblog this week and so it continues. Most people seem to be looking for ways to solve the problem of not ending up with meringue all over your head, or in this case a lensball in an Ikea kit form of about a thousand pieces.

Camellia pointed me towards a small tripoddy thing on Amazon which looked good but it wasn't available without buying another lensball on Amazon UK, but that did lead me to finding this neat little gizmo instead. It arrived yesterday and I had doubts about it's ability to hold a lensball firmly in a small rubber suction cup.

So I opened it up to try it this morning only to find I couldn't pull the suction cup off it was so strong. So I tentatively held it upside down, ready to catch it, and it wasn't going anywhere. It was quite impressive.

So I thought I will share this important photography moment on Photoblog. I grabbed my handy point and shoot, which is my excuse for the photo quality. My point and shoot has an irritating habit of firing off the flash in what I deem to be perfectly decent lighting and so it went off unintentionally.

It created this weird inverted miniature shadow and it is too early on a Sunday morning to work out what is going on here in terms of physics which was never my strong subject. I had no intention of posting this photo when I took it but I sort of liked the effect.

To get the suction cup off I actually had to stick my finger nail under the rubber to break the vacuum, so I worked out that I am not completely devoid of some understanding of physics.

Whether this will prove to be a hit outside in wind and rain and somewhere on location I will let you know when I try it.

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