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The Straw That Broke the Swan's Back

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas SEPTEMBER. 14, 2021

Not literally of course, as the saying used to be a camel not a swan. Today a knock at my door by a neighbour sent me on a stroll down to the creek for, it was suggested, a "possible photo opportunity".

A Tractor pulling a trailer of straw bales tipped over onto a car right on the bridge, blocking the main road for two hours while a well organised clear up went into action.

Nobody was hurt, thankfully.

The weight of the loaded trailer had lifted the tractor off it's wheels leaving it stranded in mid air.

A young couple who were travelling in the car were a bit shocked but not hurt in any way.

More farm vehicles appeared from the farm nearby until there were several tractors another trailer and a sort of pronged fork lift, to move the bales clear of the fallen trailer.

In the middle of the chaos and clear up operation a man appeared as if from nowhere and casually crossed the road carrying a swan. Of course he did, this is Frogmore and this surreal moment is what passes for normal around here.

As far as I can make out the swan had mistakenly landed in someone's garden so it was deemed safer to carry it to the creek rather than let it make it's own way back.

The two people travelling in the car had just arrived on their holiday, travelling to the neighbouring village. Both seemed to be taking the whole thing really well, considering.

The police arrived and every so often allowed traffic through the gap on the bend in the road.

A friend who lives next to the creek asked if I wanted an aerial view from their upstairs bedroom which was really kind as I was about to be moved on by the police.

The car started and was able to be reversed out.

Heavy duty straps were used to pull the trailer back upright.

Top marks were earned for something I have never seen before, a tractor and straw bale being used as the world's largest broom. And so the road was swept clear of all the loose straw.

Leaving a neat little pile for the next high tide.

The swan of course had just carried on doing swanly things in the background completely oblivious.

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