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Torbay Red

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas September. 14, 2020

[40-365] 14th September 2020- At least I think that is the name of this palm tree. "Torbay Red" is a small evergreen tree with a stem bearing a dense tuft of leathery, deep bronze-red, sword-shaped leaves to 75cm long and, when mature, large panicles of tiny, fragrant cream flowers. Because of the mild climate, Torbay palm trees are a common sight along the coast hereabouts. However, these are in fact not palms but Cordyline australis, originating from New Zealand where it is known as "cabbage tree".

Torbay is nicknamed the "English Riviera" due to the mild maritime climate. Human bones and tools found in Kents Cavern in Torquay show that the Torbay area has been inhabited since Paleolithic times. A maxilla fragment known as Kents Cavern 4 may be the oldest example of a modern human in Europe, dating back to 37,000–40,000 years ago. The maxilla is part of the upper jaw.

It may also be the oldest existing evidence in Europe of holiday makers, headed for the beach. I made up that last bit.

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