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Two Sycamore Seeds and One Red Berry

Originally published bon Photoblog by Gethin Thomas SEPTEMBER. 25, 2020

[51-365] 25th September 2020- I just liked this juxtaposition of berry and seeds and also the word juxtaposition. So any opportunity to use the word juxtaposition and I'm there.

Juxtaposition- "the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect."

Isn't it a wonderful world where we get words created to describe a fact like that. It's first known use was in 1654, but whoever used it must have expected others to know what it meant so how far back does it go and what was juxtaposed back then, two Sycamore seeds and one red berry? There had to be some Latin in there somewhere, Latin juxta near + English position.

The creation of the word does imply some sort of appreciation of contrasting things that are placed or just appear, near to each other.

Here we have both seeds and fruit. Fruit produces seeds, and seeds ultimately produce fruit. So here is the chain of life, floating in the sea of life. Add the seaweed and we have three types of seed dispersal. Water borne, air borne and fauna borne. Be honest, when you first saw the photo you had no idea how much was going on. Neither did I.

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