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Western Backway

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas DECEMBER. 12, 2020

[129-365] 12th. December 2020- The small Devon towns are full of tiny back alleys to explore, some with weird and wonderful names, like Khartoum Place and Darky Lane. I previously mentioned this one Western Backway in my local town Kingsbridge post, but at that time it was blocked for alley works (like road works but narrower). So I didn't discover where the rest of it went until recently. It carries on running parallel to the main street but has a much steeper climb at the end as it reaches the top. I like to walk up the high street to do my shopping and then walk back down this alley which is very quiet and unaffected by traffic noise.

There is also an Eastern Backway which I will photograph in another walk later when I cover the area East of Fore Street which I haven't done yet. ( Addendum since completed)

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