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Windsor Row Footbridge

St Martin's Gate Car Park and Windsor Row Footbridge, Worcester, UK.

This complex footbridge is integral to the multi storey car park, and as well as providing ramp and step access, swoops in a single span across the bypass and the original city walls near the ancient St Martin's Gate entrance to the city. The footings of that old entrance are still visible at the side of the road.

It is purported that it was through this gateway that King Charles II made his escape during the Battle of Worcester in 1651. This gateway in its term was finally demolished around 1773.

It is possible to see the entire bridge from the top floor of the car park.

The car park itself is an unusual design, built without access ramps. This has been achieved by shaping the floors of the building into ramps, so that all parking areas are sloping into a complex series of twisted and curved layers.

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