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Windy down on the Pampas

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas October. 04, 2020 427 views

The Devon Pampas that is. Cortaderia selloana is a species of flowering plant in the Poaceae family. It is referred to by the common name pampas grass, and is native to southern South America, including the Pampas region after which it is named. (wikipedia)

Personally. although I think they look great, they are really a great plant in someone else's garden rather than your own. They shed many razor edged leaves and once they go over are a real mess and quite ugly. Only my opinion, Pampas fans.

We used to live on a golf course on the front line facing the first green, and our neighbour had one of these. The new incoming neighbours hacked it down and we discovered that they grow outwards leaving a well in the middle, which in their case had about forty golf balls in it. So if you are on the front line on a golf course, get a row of them. It'll save you a fortune on glaziers.

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