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Windy, Rainy, Hail, Sunny, Dark, Thunder

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas SEPTEMBER. 24, 2020

[50-365] 24th September 2020- The men arrived yesterday and decided our weatherboarding was rotten so they removed it. Great timing as it has chucked it down since. You name it we've had it, so I keep expecting bits of the roof to go flying past into the wild blue yonder. Every so often the sun pops out while the wind whistles up the creek so I though this shot summed up the windy bits at least.

The new weatherboarding is ready to go back up tomorrow so we will be tucked up ready for winter. It has been quite a year.

And I have hit 50 in my 365 challenge, so there's a bonus. I had my doubts at the start, but it is strangely addictive and compulsive.

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