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Working in Shifts

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas February. 12, 2021

[195-365] 12th. February 2021- The storm is still blowing, although it is very dry, just windy and cold. The coast road is closed for the weekend due to the high winds and high tides which are blowing from the south east, the worst combination for the fragile eco system that carries the road.

So far no real damage just a lot of shingle and stones blown on to the road. Set back behind the village of Torcross is the fresh water ley in comparative shelter, where the gulls are having a rest from ducking and diving amongst the huge waves still rolling ashore. I think they are working in shifts as this group were resting while another group were out there still hard at it.

On the plus side the beach is back. Only a couple of weeks ago the shingle levels had dropped very low revealing the bottom of the sea defences, now the beach is back level with the road, those impressive looking waves having moved thousands of tons of stone, doing what a team of fifty with heavy machinery would have taken months to do.

We walked along behind the sea defence wall and it was quite blustery but as soon as I proceeded on to the beach beyond the wall it was actually difficult to stay standing still and to hold the camera steady.

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