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A Cautionary Tale

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas FEBRUARY. 08, 2021

[191-365] 8th. February 2021- Back to the latest obsession of lensballs, where will this end?

Well it nearly ended quite early for me today. A word of warning. I still rate this suction cup gizmo which attaches to the tripod but I discovered, nearly to my cost, this morning that there is a bit of a design flaw, although I think it is easily overcome.

I attached the gizmo and lensball as shown and it looked great. I got the cloth provided, to just wipe any marks or finger prints of it and it came off clean in my hand. But it wasn't the suction cup, which is really strong, it was the other end of the rubber attachment where it joins the metal. It works as a sort of rubber collar around a metal neck if that makes sense. But the area of rubber attached and the fact that it is flexible means it easily pulls off. It doesn't break and can be easily pushed back on, but I nearly lost the lensball finding this out.

I intend to glue the rubber fitting onto the metal either using silicone or epoxy, not sure which yet. Once permanently fixed on that should solve the problem. If you have already ordered one, check this out before you use it, I think it should be an easy fix. I have also placed a review on Amazon warning about this. It would be good if the manufacturer did this first though.

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