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A Thirteen Pronged Attack

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas JULY. 07, 2021

File storage used to be simple. You placed the storage device in the relevant slot be it floppy disc, memory stick or SD card. But gradually they added more letters and numbers and the devices grew in size and weight. KB became MB became GB which became TB.

1 Terra Byte seemed excessive, but now I have 8 Terra Bytes which is an all out attack on my letter box when it turns up. In fact it didn't fit through the letter box at all and it came with 9 different parts. It was a thirteen pronged attack.

I wondered what all the tiny plastic bags contained so I had to open them all up and they filled me with sadness and good memories because there in front of me were all my foreign holidays going back years. They reminded me of all the times I had to prepare in advance by tracking down an obscure Japanese plug adapter in a small rural town in Worcestershire for example. Or the time in Venice when I realised I had forgotten to pack the correct plug adaptor and had to wander the outer reaches of Venetian hardware shops in small back alleys, some full of water for some reason, looking for something suitable.

The time in Singapore I had to borrow one from hotel reception and pay a large deposit in case I forgot to give it back. The time in San Francisco when I bought a camera with battery charger and the shop actually had a British plug battery charger, I already had the US adapter and didn't want the charger to come with US plug. So that is reverse planning if you like.

Now I have a plug for every occasion and every destination but nowhere to go. Life is like that sometimes. Here are six continents of world travel at my fingertips and the world is closed.

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