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Boats are Back

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas MARCH. 29, 2021

Spring is in full flourish and the tides are high to prove it. Today was the end of the stay at home order. There were noticeably more people about and the boats are back on the water. I got chatting to new faces. Sitting on the beach was a woman who had come all the way from Totnes about half an hour away, for her first visit in three months. On the bench at the head of the creek were two friends who had come over from the neighbouring village with no sea view. They bought picnic lunches at our new shop and enjoyed the view and the warm sunshine.

In the winter the creek looks bare without the boats so some boat activity is a nice sign of normality returning. The hedgerows are pale yellow with Primroses and the Camellias and Magnolias are still going strong. Hedgehogs are already awake and throwing themselves under passing cars in the vain belief that rolling into a ball will save them. It's a real tragedy of evolution that it takes so long for creatures to adapt to speedy changes.

The weather is calm and still and it was only this small boat coming in late on the high tide that made some ripples on an otherwise mirror like sea.

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