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Dead Tree and Reflections

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas NOVEMBER. 23, 2020

Addendum, 02/03/2022, the photos appear to be lost and I can not find them in any file or folder. They must have been uploaded onto a PC at some point as they were posted to Photoblog but due to the hiatus of PC issues discussed in this post somehow they went astray. If they should emerge somewhere I will add them at a later date. In addition the only back up I made corrupted the full images so I have used screen grabs of those temporarily.

[110-365] 23rd. November 2020- I had to go to the dentist this morning for a spruce up, but have to go again on Wednesday for a drill'n'fill. The car park is at the quayside and the tide was in, so always carrying my trusty point and shoot, and not having a PC (still, curses) so no editing of any kind, I offer you these two pallid efforts for today. To be fair it is a pallid sort of day.

So my word of the day is Pallid- (of a person's face) pale, typically because of poor health. Lacking vigour or intensity; insipid. Late 16th century: from Latin pallidus ‘pale’ (related to pallere ‘be pale’).

But there is nothing wrong with pallid, it is a nice contrast with vivid and lively, without pallid there would be no vivid. Speaking of which the sun has just come out which proves my point. It's gone all vivid again. That's weather for you, you don't know if you are coming or going.

On the way to the dentist the PC man rung me to tell me my hard drive is wounded in action and as a result he needs to add and take away several things that seem to involve lots of acronyms like GIG RAM CPU SSD and I'm not even sure I have remembered those correctly, or thinking about it, if they are even acronyms or actual words. It's hard to tell these days. People increasingly speak in gobbledegook. On the plus side PC man has said he will deduct the £45 I already paid him a week ago (I immediately understood this bit) when he had his first attempt to cure it, which was very decent of him.

So now I am going Solid State apparently. I'm not sure if that is something to do with Brexit and getting our fish back from the French but who knows, anything is possible. What do the French do with all those fish?

Bouillabaisse I suppose. It's one of those very French institutions bouillabaisse. Because it is in French it is supposed to have symphonies written about it. But if I trawled up a load of old tiddlers and crabs the size of toenails off the bottom of the Med and boiled them up with all their eyes, gills, fins, and skin, and stomachs and then ran it all through a mangle and threw in a bit of saffron, poured it into a bowl and handed it to you with some stale bread and a dollop of mayonnaise, something else that is supposed to be great because it is in French, you would not be impressed in the slightest. In fact you would probably be very slighted and never speak to me again.

If Brexit ever does happen before I die I expect at least something solid in the way of a state after this length of time, and this many years, Prime Ministers, deadlines, threats, lies, promises, legal challenges, fake news, face masks, toilet roll shortages, high wind, heavy rain, sea level rise.............

Anyway, back to reality. I saw this mooring post at the edge of the quay and the reflections of the winter trees opposite in the water and there was something about it being formed out of a tree complete with core and tree rings while living trees nearby went into hibernation that said something about the ephemeral quality of life. Don't panic, I wasn't about to throw myself in, even to avoid the dentist.

Can you imagine if we lived in a world run by trees? Would they be cutting us down in our prime, drying us out and turning us into mooring posts? There's a thought. Would they even have boats?

Would they make books out of us? How would they read a book? Some type of Braille that they could feel with their branches? I suppose if they had boats they would need to be full of soil. Or maybe they would develop travel bags of soil they could go around in. Flying might be difficult with all that soil. Maybe they would just have us doing all the work, lifting them up with cranes and driving them around until we had become old and useless when they would turn us into designer furniture and disposable coffee cups.

The water was very still as the high winds seem to have abated for now so reflections were the name of the game today. Actually I am starting to realise that having photo editing software has made me lazy. When taking photos now for this blog, not having my PC, I am increasingly thinking I'll have to get something reasonable out of the camera unedited, which means I am taking more care to get a level horizon, good light balance etc. So let's call it the November "no fiddling with the photos" challenge. I'm actually quite pleased with this one below.

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