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Experimenting With My New Camera

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas JULY. 23, 2020

Just changed my camera after many years of trusty service from my old one. It just seemed to get bigger and heavier as time went on. So now I am mirrorless, and not full frame. I am still getting to grips with it all, it's not quite horse and cart to Starship Enterprise but in my world at the moment it almost is.

Wi-fi ? I haven't even looked at that yet, not even sure if I need to. Anyway these are my first efforts at just finding the buttons.

The pubs are open again. Yaaaaaaaaay!

I was actually intending to photograph the boats until the Egret decided to strut his stuff.

I love it when clouds do this.

So much rubbish public art these days but I think this is a little gem. The statue measuring 1.3m high, 1.3m wide and 0.8m deep with a bronze cast replica of the first town lifeboat (The Rescue) set on a carved Portland stone sea, on top. The little figures are only a few inches high but full of life and detail.

I liked the look of the cloud doubling up as smoke from the chimneys.

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