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Lockdown Walks from my Door Part 2

This is an early post of mine, recently lost when Photoblog went down. Luckily I had backed everything up, so I plan to restore some of those blogs when I can. This was posted on the 3rd July 2020 and is a collection of photos taken on my daily walks during the first infamous lockdown in May and June. Reading it now it all seems like a bad dream. I have not added anything to it.

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas JULY 03,2020

We are increasingly coming out of lockdown now. At it's peak we were only allowed to leave our homes in emergencies or to buy food or medicine. We were allowed one walk for exercise per day and it had to be from your home. You could not travel somewhere else to walk, even though there are beaches three miles away. Beach access was blocked and car parks closed.

Having only recently moved to the area this meant a lot of new exploration and I was lucky that there were many places to walk and things to photograph while walking. More recently as restrictions are slowly lifted I have ventured a bit wider. Here is a selection.

Some local businesses in construction at empty properties are allowed to carry on work. Here a skip is filled with rubbish, including a hand made rug.

The church is still closed for business though.

Many lanes to explore.

The life belt, but nobody is in the water.

No boats tied up at the bridge.

First walk allowed away from home on the national coast path.

Sunny weather and venturing further afield lifts the mood.

Just showing off now.

High hedges in vivid green.

A sign of old times.

When the tide is out.

The beach throws up all sorts of random compositions.

Still at the beach, flying the flag.

The ruined chapel.

People are boating again.

One of our network of national footpaths.

A view from the bridge, with choppy waters.

Ancient stone stile.

Ancient holloway. A sunken lane (also hollow way or holloway) is a road or track that is significantly lower than the land on either side, not formed by the (recent) engineering of a road cutting but possibly of much greater age.

Sky rockets in Spring.

Cause for celebration.

Remember those Nasturtium seeds? Seeds of hope and things to come.

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