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Patterns in Nature

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas FEBRUARY. 23, 2021

[206-365] 23rd. February 2021- Today is proving to be a memorable one. This morning I managed to go online and book our vaccine appointments which is way sooner than we ever expected. There were clues in what I was reading that our cohort number seven was not far off from being called up, so Sunday I decided to try out the online system, but I didn't qualify which was fine, so I thought, I'll just try it every morning to see if anything changes. This morning I'm straight in and it was such a surprise I went into a sort of panic, messing it up at the first attempt. Anyway I calmed down a bit and eventually got confirmation that I had managed to book both shots for both of us. You have to book both appointments in one go. So if everything goes without a hitch we should be done on Thursday. Don't know which vaccine yet. It will also be our first visit to a football stadium which is where our nearest mass vaccination centre is.

I contacted everyone I knew in our cohort 60-65 and four of them also managed to book theirs. So it was already a memorable day.

Then we went for a walk on the beach and saw this rare cloud formation. I have never seen anything like it. It is like a giant length of rope. I have Googled it and as far as I can tell it is a Roll Cloud Formation or Arcus.

Then as we were walking along the beach I found this really unusual stone which appears to have been built up of different white and brown layers which have then been worn away. It is now sitting on my desk. So it has all in all been a weird day. It's just as well I am not superstitious.

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