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Rope Seaweed Buoy

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas FEBRUARY. 26, 2021

[209-365] 26th. February 2021- An amazing spring day today, although a cold snap is on the way. There are flowers in profusion all around the village and the stream is running crystal clear again.

We walked the south side of the creek this morning when the tide was out, sometimes half way to our knees in mud, and sat on the north side of the creek edge this evening as the tide came in. A rower, two paddle boarders, fish breaking the surface, the call of the curlew, over excited dogs jumping in and making a splash, swans drifting in on the tide, a faint, distant, deep thrum of farm machinery and an egret sweeping in low and deciding where to set up for a spell of fishing, life is returning to the creek.

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