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Torquay Part 6 South Pier to Start

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas JULY. 02, 2021

This is the final Torquay Post, featuring the working quayside on South Pier, the new footbridge/barrage on the Inner Harbour leading to North Pier and Princess Gardens in more detail on my return route to the start point. To start at the beginning Part One is here.

A state-of-the art footbridge has been put into place at Torquay harbour, which means people can now walk all the way around the harbour for the very first time. The eye-catching bridge allows boats in and out of the inner harbour. The footpath goes along the top of the bridge, linking south pier with north pier. And here's the clever bit: when the centre section of the bridge is lifted, the metal underwater gates which hold the water back go down to allow vessels safe passage. The water in the inner harbour is being kept at mid-tide. (BBC)

Spencer Group were awarded a contract by Torbay Council to construct a double bascule footbridge across the harbour. The footbridge featured land mark ‘blades of light’ towers with iconic feature lighting and was part of a £21m regeneration project of Torquay’s Waterfront. (The Spencer Group)

Crane, Bridge Towers, Buoy Markers, Masts.

Back through Princess Gardens with a little bit more detail.

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