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Aeolian Semi-Circle

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas FEBRUARY. 20, 2021

[203-365] 20th. February 2021- We decided quite late in the day to go for a walk around town. I was determined to find something new I hadn't seen before, so we tried to make a new route to follow. We saw several things we had not seen before, a sun dial on the end of a building, an old shop sign almost unreadable on what is now a house, a long blocked up doorway, some interesting architectural details and a small mural of two people looking out of a window. That's what happens when you walk in a different direction or, like the chicken, cross the road to the other side. I also saw this palm tree so I chose to post this photo today out of all the others. Some of the others will feature in my February Odds and Sods at the end of the month, one is going to feature in the Red Challenge because it was a bit of a lucky red shot.

This palm tree was a great little find and I had to look for a few seconds to realise what was happening here. The wind blows the spiky leaves around over a long period of time and the leaves clean the wall, like a scouring pad. But like a horse tethered on grass the palm leaves can only reach so far and so they create perfect circles of clean wall, like a horse creates perfect circles of mown grass.

Why Aeolian? The main reason is that aeolian is a great sounding word and not only that, it has five vowels and only two consonants. I had heard of an aeolian harp and knew it was a musical instrument that is played by the wind but I wasn't 100% sure if aeolian meant wind formed generally or if it only applied to music. So I double checked before using it and I am thrilled to report that my suspicion was correct and it is a fitting word for this picture.

Aeolian- relating to or arising from the action of the wind. Aeolian refers to things related to Aeolus, the Greek God of wind and patriarch of the Greeks of Aeolia.

I am even more pleased to report that dust blown from a road into a butcher's shop without a glass screen that ends up landing on the meat could correctly be described as aeolian dust. You have to have read my post from yesterday, "The Book of One Maid Cookery" to have any idea what I am going on about.

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