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Buoys Will be Girls

Originally published on Photoblog by Gethin Thomas MARCH. 13, 2021

[224-365] 13th. March 2021- There is an unreal sort of quality to this shot as I over exposed it to get the details and colours of the rocks which were in heavy shadow and then HDR'd it with a normal exposure of the sea. Although it looks a bit unreal I quite like it because those rocks are so interesting and such a contrast to the plainness of the sea.

This is the more normal appearance below, and as you can see the rocks are very much in shadow. The main fishing activity in the bay is for shellfish mostly crab and hand dived scallops. As a consequence there are usually small buoys quite close in to shore, attached to crab pots on the sea bed, we quite often watch the small boats out of Dartmouth collecting the pots or dropping off new ones and leaving the tell tale trace of the buoy behind.

You can see three of these buoys below. I thought they hadn't been there earlier but as we were walking away from the headland just assumed they had only just come into view. Then I thought the pattern of them had changed and then I noticed they were slowly moving about, very odd.

Then I came to the realisation that they were human, which was even more odd because the water is cold and they weren't swimming they were just out there slowly circling around each other. I zoomed as close as I could but this was the best I could do so I was none the wiser.....

....... until I got home and was able to do a bit of Raw editing on the PC and.......

..... although not that brilliant as photos it does show what the camera is capable of, as they had to be about half a mile away from where I was standing. Three women, with one in a bobble hat, confirming how cold I thought it was, and I was in a coat.

I will try not to mistake girls for buoys in future.

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